Final Home Vaccination and Shed Hunting Training

Shed Hunting Season is only 2 months away and we are in full trianing mode. One of the things holding us back were all things puppy. Well in reality she was losing her baby teeth which made playing fetch a challenge.

Today we stepped up our shed hunting IQ. Many of the sheds I threw landed in deep grass and while we started out with a few easier finds, it got more complex quick.

Shed hunting dogs have to rely on their noses so much, very similar to bird dogs. Today was her 24 week birthday and I am so happy for how well she is doing. Shed hunting dogs are amazing and labs make amazing shed hunting dogs!

Today, Freya also got her final round of vaccinations. I chose to wait until she was a little older to start her schedule and am grateful for that choice. They are simple to give and will save you hundreds of dollars on vet bills.

Disclaimer: if you have any questions please contact your vet. I am not giving advice or recommendations, I am simply sharing with you what I chosen for my puppy.



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