The Shed Hunters - Shed Hunting Puppy Training And First Swim

Shed hunting training went amazing today! For some reason Freya has been a little less than willing to pick up hard antler sheds. I am not sure if it is because her adult teeth are still not fully in or if she is just having a hard time switching from the shed dummy.

Well today we did something to help her. The first couple of sheds, she would catch their wind and then be right on top of them. It is amazing to watch! But she just wouldn't pick them up. My job at this point is to remind her that its ok, be positive and even though she didn't complete the retrieve, get her excited and happy and tell her how great she did.

The second shed amazingly got better. While she did not bring the shed back to me, she picked it up and carried it a ways before dropping it, picking up a second time and carrying it a ways before dropping it. Again all in on positive reinforcement. The third shed was a silicon dummy and she broght it all the way back per normal.

From there, all but one shed she brought back all the way to me. I was really proud of her. Everyday we are just trying to make connections and build on progress. She is doing amazing!

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